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The BRC is a Quality and Food Safety Standard to which a company decides to adhere autonomously. Carni Gest has decided to invest its resources to obtain this certification. And it has taken this road to anticipate the times, thus reaching a level of quality and food security that is not yet a legal requirement. The BRC acronym stands for “Global Food Safety Standard” and was born in 1998. The standard provides a list of high quality requirements that must be met by affiliated companies. BRC is recognized globally by GFSI, the Global Food Safety Initiative. The purpose of this certification is to promote food security throughout the chain and to open up to international markets.


IFS (International Food Standard) has very similar criteria to the BRC Standard and is equally recognized by the GFSI. In fact, it is common practice for a company that wants to have high levels of quality and food security to adhere to both standards. Like BRC, IFS also uses a list of quality criteria to be respected throughout the production process. Carni Gest wants to promote maximum transparency and build trust with its customers and consumers.