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We are a company that combines tradition and the most innovative production processes. We offer certified high-quality products, as well as solutions that are suited to today’s nutritional needs.

For over 40 years, the establishment created by Guido and Gustavo has been producing excellent cured meat and tasty specialties. Today, the second generation is pursuing the passion, seeking more and better products. Combining the knowledge of old recipes with the most modern production processes, we can offer a product not only delicious but respecting of the highest quality and nutritional standards. All Carni Gest products are gluten-free, without milk or derivatives, and have low fat and salt. For this reason, the AIC (Italian Celiac Association) has been entering our products in the Celiac handbook.

Where our treasures are born

Mastio, Rigatino and Sfiziosa are just some of the specialties that come from our plants. Located in the province of Bologna, to be precise on the hills of Borgo Tossignano and in the historical site of Poggio Piccolo di Castel Guelfo. The two plants have a surface of 6000 sqm and boast a monthly output of 1200 quintals of cured meat.

Commitment to quality 

Attention to the health of the consumer is crucial for us. Indeed, the company’s internal controls are based on the international system H.A.C.C.P.,  chemical, biological or physical risk analysis system applied at every stage of the process to ensure the highest hygienic quality of the products. We also keep up-to-date and train all employees according to the B.R.C certification standards. (Global Standards for Food Safety) and I.F.S. (International Food Standard). Two Quality Standards and Food Safety to which the company has decided to adhere voluntarily.


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